Stuck At Home? How About Some New Alkaline Trio Music!

Matt, Dan, and Derek are back with a new EP!

March 19, 2020
Alkaline Trio

What a weird week it's been. I get it. It can be kinda depressing staying at home all day, with no sports, no events, bars, or anything to do. 

Well the good news is, I got some brand new music for you to check out while you are bored today!

Alkaline Trio released a new E.P. today! Surprise! 

With the tour postponement and the current state of the world, we feel and hope that some new music will help people transcend the uncertainty and possible fear they might be feeling, if even for a few minutes. Music has always had a way of helping us all cope with unpleasant times. We can only hope that ours can do the same for our fans on some level. We hope you enjoy the songs. (link in story)

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3 brand new songs, dropped in surprise fashion for you to go check out! You can stream it anywhere you stream music! Plus, you can pre order the 7" vinyl here

So grab your headphones, turn up your speaker, and listen to some new music. I dunno about you, but new music always makes me in a better mood. 


See you in the virtual pit! Oh and WASH YOUR HANDS!

- Danny V.