Blink-182's Self Titled Turns 16!

The album that changed the band forever.

November 19, 2019

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Another anniversary. Another way to feel old. And this one will make you feel super old.

Blink-182's self titled album turned 16 yesterday. SIXTEEN. 

I know albums like "Dookie" and :"Smash" make sense that they each respectively turned 25 years this year. That makes sense to me. Those are older albums. But come on. BLINK 182's album that changed the way in which they made punk rock turning 16? This is just crazy. 

Here are some of my favorite tracks. 

Of course, Mark Hoppus had his own post about the anniversary as well. 

Happy birthday to this album. It changed everything blink-182 is and could be.

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Turn it up! Celebrate it! What is your favorite track? 

See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.

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