What's Your Age Again? Happy Birthday to Blink 182's "Enema of the State"

Pop Punk Turns 20

June 3, 2019



Over the weekend, pop punk celebrated a huge milestone. Blink 182's Enema of the State turned 20 years old. 

Now I know what you may be thinking. What does this matter? Well this was the album that collectively threw Blink into the mainstream and brought a whole generation, my whole generation a soundtrack to high school! 

20 years ago today in a galaxy far, far away....Enema of the State was released and forever changed our lives. Thanks to you, it took our band places we never could have dreamed of going. And it was a ton of fun! Share your stories about Enema. Tell us about the first time you heard it and what it means to you. #Enema20

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Each member of Blink, including Tom Delonge shared their sentiments about the album: 

I ran naked thru LA with two of my best friends 20 yrs ago ----‍♂️ @markhoppus @tomdelonge

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Happy 20th anniversary Enema of The State. Thanks to everyone who listened to it over all these years. These three skate rats can never thank you enough.

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Happy birthday to our big one :) @markhoppus @travisbarker @tomdelonge #20yearsold #enema

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Whether you love it, or hate it, you can't deny that this album ushered in a whole era of pop punk, making ways for bands like New Found Glory, Sum 41 etc. So to celebrate, let's listen to some of my favorite tracks! 

What was your favorite track from the album? Plus they also released some exclusive 20th anniversary merch to celebrate. Check it out here

See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.