Watch Dave Grohl Shotgun a Beer with Santa

Okay, it was a fan dressed as Santa. Still epic.

December 10, 2019
Dave Grohl Beer Santa



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Okay, it wasn't really Santa. It was a fan dressed as Santa. But how epic anyway? I want to shotgun a beer with Dave Grohl! Maybe I will dress as the pumpkin king next year and see if it works!

At the Intersect Festival on December 7th, the Foo Fighters were just working through their set as they have for 25 years. Grohl began discussing the new album and interacting with some fans in the crowd and read a sign asking if he would shotgun a beer with the fan. And the dude is dressed as Santa. Not a good Santa, just one of those t shirt Santa costumes. But hey it worked!

He also talked about the 25th anniversary of the Foo Fighters next year. Which I am thinking MIGHT mean some cool new merch or tours. Regardless, they are expected to release a new album next year, so paint me excited!

Who would you want to shotgun a beer with? 

See you in the pit!

- Danny V.

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