Gene Simmons and a Pumpkin

ROCK BLOG: When Gene Simmons Carves a Pumpkin . . . It's Almost Halloween

October 18, 2017

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Something about ROCK music and Halloween just go together right? I mean the two just seem to go hand and hand. When I think of Halloween I love to create a playlist and the first bands that come to mind . . . Rob Zombie, The Misfits, Marilyn Manson . . . and KISS! But more on that later, (next week in fact!)

And okay, KISS may not be FIRST on your mind when it comes to this wonderful season, but you have to admit, makeup, theatrics, fake blood, yeah, they should definitly be on your list. 

As I was scrolling the internet today, I came across yet another funny reason why KISS or at least Gene Simmons should remind you of Halloween, and yes, it involves him decorating a pumpkin. Of course, he teamed up with Michael's craft store (because Gene) and did a fun video where he heads off with the actress Busy Philipps in a pumpkin carving/craft contest on who can make the scariest pumpkin. Now, for a guy who spits blood on a regular basis, I am not sure this was what I was expecting, but I mean, I guess it's scary enough. 

Well, I mean, at least he tried right? What about you? Do you think you did better than Gene on your pumpkin this year? Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page or Twitter!

Also check back next week for a blog about Halloween songs you should be listening too! 

Until next time. Keep it scary and punk! 

- Danny V.