Billie Joe Armstrong Got Hung Up On by a Fan

He went the extra mile . . . and it was in the 90's!

November 14, 2019
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre

Ron Elkman


Imagine getting a call from one of your favorite artists? How cool right? I bet you would be thinking "Man, this can't be real!" Especially in 2019, where Facetime is a thing. 

Well let's rewind the clock back to 1996. Pre cell phones, and Facetime. How would you get to interact with a rock star? MAIL. That's how. And that is exactly what one 15 year old did, send a bunch of letters to Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

A reddit user recently shared the story about his wife who would send letters to Billie Joe when she was 15 back in 1996. And Billie Joe decided to call her to thank her for all the letters. 

Well, she didn't believe it was true, and she HUNG UP on him! Even Billie Joe's wife tried calling her back to get her to believe, and she hung up on her too. 

So what did Billie Joe do? He decided to double down and sent her a package, that had a video of him thanking her for being a fan to prove it was him. 

Check out the video he sent her here. 

Almost 25 years ago you turned a 15 year old girl into a lifetime fan after she hung up on you and your wife when you called her after receiving her fan mail. She’s seen you many times since and we can’t wait to see you soon in Detroit. She still guards this VHS tape with her life. #billiejoearmstrong #greenday

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How cool is that! 

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See you in the pit!

- Danny V.