Jonathan Davis Wants To Make a Metal Musical

ROCK BLOG: Who wouldn't want to see a metal musical?

May 17, 2018

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No you read that right. Jonathan Davis wants to create a METAL musical, and we are all in. 

In a recent interview, Jonathan said he wants to create a dark, metal type of musical. 

Of course, he is out promoting his solo album, "Black Labyrinth" which comes out May 25th, the KORN frontman shows no sign of slowing down. 

He also mentioned that he pitched the idea to Clive Barker, creator of Hellraiser. 

This sounds amazing. 

Of course, KoRn and J.D. headlined Pain in the Grass 2017 last year, and we here at The Rock are excited to see whatever his creative mind thinks up. Musicals included. 

Make sure to check this video of new music from his forthcoming record. 

Would you be excited for a metal musical? Did you catch Jonathan Davis when he played Showbox a few weeks ago?

See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.