Jonathan Davis Shares New Details About New KoRn Album

New KoRn Coming Soon and Its Groovy

July 16, 2018

As I have reported before, KoRn is writing new music. Which means a new album soon. And in case you missed them last year as our Pain in the Grass headliners, well a new album probably means more tours. And now Jonathan Davis shared some more info on the upcoming tunes. 

Telling a music magazine that he has listened to some of the new songs, and using terminology that has us thinking it may be a different sounding KoRn album calling each song really cool grooves. 

That being said, he was vague with sharing total details, making sure to note that the songs will change, especially as he gets his hands and vocals on them. 

Good news is, it looks like the new album will be here soon. Are you excited?

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See you in the pit! 

Danny V.