KoRn Is Writing a New Album

ROCK BLOG! You may have thought they were taking a break . . . but they aren't!

May 23, 2018

So you may have been thinking "Ah man, KoRn put on such a killer show at Pain in the Grass last year, and now Jonathan Davis is touring around the country solo, that must mean KoRn might be dormant for a while" right? 

Okay, maybe you don't think that much in depth about bands, but I do. And even though #Pain2018 is just around the corner and your mind should be on that, I totally understand wanting to know what is up with your favorite bands in the "off season". 

Well, I bring you tidings of great joy! Reports are coming in that your boys in KoRn aren't taking this time off to just hang around. Nope, they are busy writing their new record! 

Jonathan Davis recently spoke to a radio show, on a stop on his current tour, and said Munky and Head have been writing new songs, and once he gets off tour, he will head straight to LA to jump in a studio and begin work on their new album, hopefully late this year. 

KoRn's latest album was their twelfth studio album: The Serenity Of Suffering which came out in late 2016. 

I, for one, am stoked. Always love hearing bands with such longevity writing new music! 

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See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.