MxPx's Mike Herrera Released an Acoustic Live Album!

Because you always need some acoustic songs in your life!

April 7, 2020
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With us just being 2 days away from #SeattleRockDay, I was super stoked when I found out one of my favorite PNW songwriters Mike Herrera from Bremerton legends MxPx was releasing a new LIVE acoustic album! That's right! It is out now everywhere you stream music

The band announced it, using their friend Jarret from Bowling for Soup! 

Sound Up! My new record is out now streaming everywhere but you knew that cause you watched @jaret2113 ‘s video!! Didn’t you? Mike Herrera - Moments Like These:TX Recording / Mixing by @audio_andy Mastered by @spectremastering Photos by @jeredscott Vinyl design by Jason at @unoriginalvinyl Big Thanks to @tomisnotangry and @pleasetagmeinyourskaposts Listen wherever you stream your music AND pre-order the vinyl at #mikeherrera #momentslikethese #texas #liveintexas #mxpx

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Entitled "Moments Like These: Texas" he recorded it in 2019 at one of his live solo shows, and let me tell you, these songs don't disappoint. Everything from MxPx songs to his other projects like Tumbledown! Here's the tracklist: 

1. Aces Up

2. Secret Weapon

3. All of It

4. Son of a Gun

5. Let's Ride

6. What's Mine Is Yours

7. The Capitol

8. Quit Your Life

9. Doing Time

10. Moments Like This

You can pre order the vinyl here.

MxPx has always been my favorite band from the Seattle area, since before I even knew where Seattle was on a map. I remember listening to them on my friend's stereo for the first time when I was 13, and I immediately fell in love with the music and the band. Moving up here, and seeing them on almost a yearly basis has been awesome. 

Another cool thing that the band and Mike have been doing to keep you and I entertained during these crazy times spent at home, "Life in Quarantine" a weekly live stream with Mike on the MxPx Facebook Page

Every Friday in April! - Let’s all get together for Life in Quarantine! Stay home! Stay safe! I’ll see you on the @mxpxpx Facebook @ 6pm PT/9pm ET #mxpx #lifeinquarantine #mikeherrera #livestream #covid

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You can check the first one here:

Exciting! I am absolutely loving how much new music and content we are getting from all our favorite bands! 

Remember #SeattleRockDay is THIS THURSDAY April 9th! All your favorite Seattle bands and tons of Seattle music history right here on The Rock! 


See you in the virtual pit and WASH YOUR HANDS! #StayConnectedTogether

- Danny V.

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