MxPx Needs Your Help for Their New Album!

Rock Blog! MxPx is writing a new record!

March 30, 2018

We are knee deep in the #SeattleRockRumble. In fact, the SEMI FINALS started today. One thing that I love about the #SeattleRockRumble is the fact that we can highlight so many PNW bands from all different types of genres. And while it's the big four batteling it out right now, it goes to show that we have some fantastic bands that were bred right here in Seattle. 

As I have talked about many a blogs before, MxPx is one of those bands for me, that drew me out here to Seattle. I remember being 15 and listening to "Move to Bremerton" and wanting nothing more than to make it up here to start a punk band. 

They just celebrated their 25th anniversary last year, and played 2 SOLD OUT shows at Showbox. It was fantastic. I love when a band makes huge milestones like that. Especially when a lot of the reason why was due to the fans and the band's DIY spirit. 

Check those emails. #25yearsofmxpx

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Just last night, the guys announced a new album. And they are taking the DIY spirit to a new level, kickstarting the project, getting the fans involved. No record label, just MxPx in the studio and making music for the fans. 

So many cool things happening for them, and it really shows how our scene up here in the PNW is special. They have some awesome perks if you back the album, and you can get more info or contribute here:

Thanks for reading. See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.