MxPx Lift Your Spirits with a New Surprise Song "Worries"

Bremerton's own MxPx are here to brighten your punk rock dreams!

May 14, 2020

It's about that time again! MxPx surprised their fans with a new song yesterday! The song is entitled "Worries", and it's a punk rock banger! 

I know you've got a lot of worries… There’s a new song out now!! Special thanks to @caseybates, @troy_glessner_,, @bryanbuchelt, @3moonsgavin, @chrisadkins253, @audio_andy, @daynabeck, @nicole.swan913, @pleasetagmeinyourskaposts, @tomisnotangry #mxpx #worries

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This song is fantastic. What a great way to lift your punk rock spirits in a time of Covid. I know for me, hearing this song really made me want to get up and be creative! Check out the full song and new video here: 


Gavin is the on the far left of the bottom picture with Mike and myself at their MxPx beer release a few years ago! 

Of course, MxPx have been keeping busy during the quarantine, while also keeping us entertained. If you have missed it, Mike Herrera has been doing live streams from the beginning of April, every Friday at 6PM! Called "Life In Quarantine" it is a fun live show that happens for about an hour, and he sings songs, tells stories etc! Check it out!

‪Stay home with @mikeherreraTD and watch the live stream starting this Friday and every Friday in April! This is no joke! See you there!‬ ‪-‬ ‪Where? The @mxpxpx Facebook‬ page ‪@ 6pm PST/9pm EST ‬ #mxpx #lifeinquarantine #mikeherrera #livestream

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Of course for all your MxPx needs, and to keep up with new things the band are doing check out! You will find some new "Worries" merch there, as well as podcasts, music and all kinds of stuff.

Tons of things to keep your pop punk and punk rock happy! I know it has kept me entertained and super happy! So get your headphones and get in the virtual pit with me! 

- Danny V.

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