MxPx is Playing Showbox! July 27th!

ROCK BLOG! Time for another MxPx blog! Check SEATTLE SHOW and New Record!

May 30, 2018

You know me. Any time a punk or pop punk band announces a show in Seattle, I am all over it. 

ESPECIALLY when that band is MxPx. As you may have read on here in the past, I have been a fan of MxPx since my early teenage years. 

Crazy to think that the band is entering their 26th year of playing. Last year they had their big 25th anniversary show, and it was epic. 

Well good news for all you fellow MxPx fans out there, the band is returning to the Showbox this summer! And with it they are bringing a NEW RECORD!

Check out the announcement here:

And what? A new record?! Yep. A few months ago, they launched a kickstarter for their new album, with a goal of $50K to get their new record out to us fans. Plus, in the band's DIY style they wanted to do it on their terms, and give back as much to their fans as they could. They surpassed their original goal and finished up making around 4 times their original goal at $273,349! So their new album is coming out THIS JULY! 

So, is the Seattle show going to be the release date? You never know! Make sure to follow along here and I will update you when we know! Or you can just follow MxPx here!

If you wanna join me in the pit, tickets ARE ON SALE NOW! You can get them here. Don't sleep on this, tickets will sell out. 

So what about you? Are you excited for new music? How about another PUNK RAWK SHOW! Let's do this! 

- Danny V.