MxPx's New Record is Here! Listen

MxPx released their new album and they are playing Showbox Friday

July 25, 2018

The new MxPx album is here! 

Released at midnight last night/this morning, it is 11 songs of punk rawk that you need to hear. 

They released it in a really cool way as well, playing the entire album live yesterday on Facebook Live. Check it out: 

Or you can stream the whole album on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere you stream music. Or if you want a limited physical copy, you can check out to order yours now. 

We put everything we got into this one. This to me feels like MxPx. It’s how we sound. It’s how we feel. We made the record we wanted to make and our fans helped us do it. I love it. I know we love it as a group. I hope you do too. Our new record is now available on @spotify @applemusic @amazonmusic #googleplay @itunes and just about everywhere you can search. @caseybates you are a wizard my friend. You helped us capture our real sound. You deserve the world. @thejakelong @tra580 @walk.into.the.light you did the little things we needed and you made us relax, what you really helped us do is almost impossible to communicate. Thank you. @john.nissen.3rd you made the perfect cover. @tomwisniewski it was good yelling at you again. @yurizaneruley you’re better than ever, never change. @chrisadkins253 you know how much we love you, you added some great stuff. @deadindustry @oneeyejackson @fakefood @jeredscott @daynabeck @audio_andy @snowcobra you’re the best road crew any band could ever have. You’re family. Don’t forget that. You helped us do this. @thetravelogue thank you for helping us design incredible vinyl, the fans are gonna flip in the best way possible. @bryanbuchelt that little kid charging the bullies in the Let’s Ride video gets me every time. @beatrixkidd0 you killed it as well. Can’t wait to share the next ones. Man, there’s too many. We should have written these out in adv... oh wait! We did in the record liner notes!!! @michelerherrera for being our business rock, can’t thank you enough. @tomisnotangry for, all this. There’s no one like you, thanks for looking out for us. @holliherrera for being the real MVP. My kids, for inspiration. @ernieball @orangeamplifiers @rodemic @dwdrums for believing in us and endorsing us. This is team MxPx. This is who we are. We did this together. You’re all needed and loved. Enjoy the record. Much love! -@mikeherreratd #mxpx #newrecord #spotify #applemusic #ernieball #dwdrums #brent #bestlife

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This is what makes punk rock, PUNK RAWK! Thank you MxPx for doing what you do, and making the album we, as fans, have been waiting for. MxPx may not have been far away for many of us, but now, they have not only kicked the door down with this album and said “we’re back!" but they have returned and said “we’re back, and we have shown 2018, the music industry, and the world what it means to be DIY and punk in its truest form”. Congrats MxPx. Forever the band that will hold my heart. 26 years strong, and still relevant to what the music industry should strive for. Thank you. 

Also, for all of you Seattle peeps, they are playing SHOWBOX this Friday! Album release party is going to be crazy! 

Limited tickets left, come hang with me at the show! Get your tickets HERE

See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.