The Offspring Might Be Being Sued By Founding Bass Player

Because punk rock? Er . . . Something

August 30, 2019

The Offspring has been my favorite band since I was 14 years old. I remember watching documentary after Americana came out and relating to them because they had footage of a young Dexter Holland and Greg K. jamming out in Greg's garage. Something I wanted to do myself. Start a band! So this story makes me sad to report. 

As many Offspring fans have noticed Greg Kriesel., founding bass player, hasn't been present in Offspring live shows since late last year. Many have speculated what was going on, but the band has been silent on social media and not acknowledging his absence. Which of course, is always a bad sign. 

Well some court documents have recently come to light, and it looks like the future might be headed to court for the band.

Kriesel is suing the band over alleged trademark infringement and breach of partnership agreement over the rights to the band name.

According to Dying Scene, he is suing members Dexter Holland and Noodles Wasserman.

He says in the documents that his fellow members attempted to “seize the business, business opportunities, and assets” last October of the partnership amongst the group’s founding members.

He further alleges the band members sought to divest him from their partnership interests and rights without fair compensation, denying his continued status as a general partner of the band.

So basically, it's not good. 

You can read the official court document here.

The Offspring has kept their touring schedule busy, and recently announced a tour of Canada with Sum 41, and have some hired hands from No Doubt and H20 filling in on bass and backup guitar.

Canada, we're headed your way this fall with our friends @sum41! Pre-sale begins Tuesday, August 20 at 10am - Thursday, August 22 at 10pm local time using password IXNAY. Tickets on sale Friday, August 23 at 10am local time.

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They also have apprently finished a new album, but it's unclear if Greg K. will appear on the album or not.

Fingers crossed they can figure this out. Always sad to see when money corrupts a band or at least drives them apart. Sadly, I don't think we will be seeing Greg K. on tour anytime soon. 

See you in the pit!

- Danny V.