Papa Roach Are Back with a New Song and Album Details

Cut my life . . . well you know.

November 16, 2018

Tenth Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music


They are back. Yep! Papa Roach is here with a new song for you to listen too called "Not The Only One". Check it out! 

And of course, their new album, "Who Do You Trust?" is the 10th studio album from Papa Roach, and it’s set to be released Jan. 18!

You can preorder your copy of the album here!

Who Do You Trust? tracklist:

1. “The Ending”
2. “Renegade Music”
3. “Not The Only One”
4. “Who Do You Trust?”
5. “Elevate”
6. “Come Around”
7. “Feel Like Home”
8. “Problems”
9. “Top Of The World”
10. “I Suffer Well”
11. “Maniac”
12. “Better Than Life”

What do you think? Excited for the new album? 

See you in the pit! 

- Danny V.