Check Out How Some Punk Rock Bands Are Owning Their Quarantine!

You gotta keep creative and busy!

April 1, 2020
Danny V.

How is everyone doing out there? Are we surviving? Are we staying home? Staying healthy? Staying connected together? 

It's a tough time for everyone, but hopefully we will all be together sooner than later. 

Until then, I must say one of my favorite parts of this has been seeing some of my favorite artists coming up with very cool ways of staying busy, creative, and entertaining to all of us. I thought I would list some of my favorite live streams, new music, and things I have seen in the punk and pop punk scene in the past few weeks! 

1.) Billie Joe Armstrong is releasing new cover songs every Monday! Dubbed "No Fun Mondays", what a way to keep it interesting! 

Welcome to No Fun Mondays. Going to release a cover song every week until we’re let back out into the world. This week’s song: "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" by Johnny Thunders Love BJ

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Check out his cover of "I Think We're Alone Now"! My favorite! 

2.) Speaking of Billie Joe, Green Day livestreamed one of their favorite record stores spinning records on a vinyl player! This was done in Instagram live, so I am sure we can be expecting more soon. 

My man Steve from @1234gorecords will be spinning records live on @greenday at 8:00! Check it out. I’ll be listening too

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3.) Jim Lindberg from Pennywise has been playing acoustic songs on his Instagram, and most recently covered Bad Religion. YES!

Today i decided to work on a cover of “Sorrow” by Bad Religion. Seems like a fitting one. Have to remember there is a huge amount of sorrow going on in this world right now. Against it all you have to do everything you can to stay positive. Maybe all these cars and planes being off the road for a while will help clear the air a little. Maybe this will help us finally fix our healthcare system. If you’re stuck at home you can workout more and eat better to get healthy. Clean out that closet or play a game. Do some art or write that novel you always wanted to write. Get productive. Most of all, don’t pay attention to misinformation and conspiracy theories or any of the crap being said on the internet. When garbage goes in garbage comes out. This virus is here and we have to deal with it intelligently and rationally. If we do, perhaps from all this sorrow a little bit of good can also come out of it. I finally learned “Sorrow” by @badreligion on guitar and it wasn’t easy. This is about the 14th take!! #sorrow #badreligion #halfstepdown #capo #pennywise #jimlindberg #guitar #guitarcover #epitaphrecords #coversong #punk #punkrock #nofilter #okonefilter @brettgurewitz are the chords right?

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4.) For all you late night peeps. How about a drum session with Travis Barker?! He has been on Instagram doing 4am quarantined drum sessions. 

4am quarantine sessions -- What if “What went wrong” @blink182 had drums -- Full video link in bio

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5.) Speaking of Travis Barker, you could be in a Blink 182 video! From your house! All you have to do is send videos in and they might pick you to feature in their music video for "Happy Days"! Get your creativity going!

Wanna be in the Happy Days music video? Link in bio. #HappyDays

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6.) This is probably my favorite thing I have seen so far. The guys in Goldfinger did a video of each of them in their respective quarantine places, all playing "Here in Your Bedroom", and it's awesome. Check it out! 

7.) Mike Herrera plays bass in Goldfinger, but most people from the PNW know him from MxPx. The Bremerton punk trio! And today Mike announced that he will be going live once a week on the MxPx Facebook, playing songs, answering questions, and telling stories. Called "Life in Quarantine" it will happen EVERY Friday! 

8.) And finally, New Found Glory, is doing it old school just releasing NEW music, because their new album comes out in May. And sometimes that is all you need. Check out their new song, "Nothing to Say"!

Have you heard the second song from our new album yet? Watch the lyric video for "Nothing To Say" from Forever + Ever x Infinity now at the link in our bio! More new music coming your way in April! #NFGForever

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While it may not be time for us to get together and go to a show, or get in the pit quite yet, at least we have a bunch of ways to keep ourselves entertained by some of our favorite artists. What has been your favorite live stream, or what has one of your favorite bands done during this quarantine! Share with us so we can check them out! 

Stay home, stay healthy, and STAY CONNECTED TOGETHER! See you in the virtual pit and WASH YOUR HANDS!

- Danny V.

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