ROCK BLOG: 5 Bands With Booze

Do you love alcohol and rock? Here you go!

July 5, 2017

If you love alcohol and more importanly beer as much as I do, and you also love buying merch from your favorite bands, this blog is for you. Here are 5 bands that have some sort of alcohol that you can purchase. 

1.) Most important to me is the new MxPx "Secret Weapon" beer from Silver City Brewery. Yep, you read that right, right across the sound in Bremerton, Silver City and MxPx teamed up to make a beer to celebrate the bands 25th anniversary. It's available all over the PNW now! And at their 25th anniversary shows next week at Showbox!

Never dawned on me to put these two things in the same picture! We're pros!!! How many of y'all have tried Secret Weapon? What do ya think? #secretweapon #silvercitybrewery #25yearsofmxpx #mxpx available now!! @silvercitybrewery @mikeherreratd @tomwisniewski @yurizaneruley #yum

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2.) The Deftones, who played here this past Monday night with Rise Against, rock their own beer called Phantom Bride IPA by Belching Beaver Brewery. The flavors were handpicked by Deftones singer Chino Moreno and of course was named after a song of the same name. 

Introducing Swerve City IPA, our second release in partnership with San Diego brewery, @belchingbeaver. Swerve City will be available this summer to retailers and consumers where all great craft beer is sold. Also, look out for our Phantom Bride IPA, now in cans, coming soon!

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3.) How about some Iron Maiden beer? And not only that, they have an entire site dedicated to the cause at Mostly known for their Trooper Ale, the band creates new beers all the time and they are all pretty awesome. 

Stay hydrated Troopers! #IronMaiden #TheBookOfSoulsWorldTour #USA #SanBernardino

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4.) How about an AC/DC Australian Lager! That sounds delicious, especially for summer. Plus check out the cool can. Who wouldn't want to try this beer. 

Christian Rnafg Spurk has brought this lager can to AC/DC concerts all over the globe and today they've made their way to Dresden, Germany for the show! #RockOrBustWorldTour

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5.) And finally, if you are tired of beer (but really does that happen?!) here is my favorite type of alcohol for those that want to try something different, Sammy Hagar's WHITE RUM!

Nothing like aging your own Rum #SammysBeachBarRum #agedspirits #BarrelAging #Homegrown #PureCaneSugarFromHawaii

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- Danny V.