Rock Blog: Happy Birthday Billie Joe Armstrong!

February 17, 2017

Today should be a holiday. I know, I know, we have President’s Day on Monday, but really, that pales in comparison to today. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG’S BIRTHDAY! Yes, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day turns 45 today and still looks like he is a snotty, 16 year old punk. Honestly, how does he do it? It must be the eyeliner.

So why do I think today needs to be a holiday? Well besides thinking every day needs to be a holiday, I think we should celebrate the frontman of one of the biggest bands in the world. Green Day is celebrating their 31st anniversary this year. Yes. 31. And they still continue to top music charts everywhere. 

If you haven’t checked out their newest effort “Revolution Radio” you are really missing out. The first non concept album since 2000’s “Warning”. This album harkens back to the band’s original sound more so than they have written in years. 

To round out my man crush on Billie Joe, I actually got to meet the dude in one of the most awesome ways a few years ago, I was living in Southern California, and went to get dinner at a local fish market called “Bear Flag Fish Co”. The place was SUPER tiny, maybe three tables in the whole place, but it was very popular with the locals, so there was always a line out the door. I ordered my food, and was waiting for my number to come up, when I noticed this guy walk in, with a yellow flannel and spiky hair. Sure enough, it was Billie Joe. 

I promptly began to freak out, but the funny thing was, out of 30 people or so there, I seemed to be the only one to notice who he was. He got in line, waited, ordered his food, and bought a Bear Flag Fish Co. hat. Waited for his food, they called out his number and he grabbed it and started walking out. Luckily, I had positioned myself by the door, and he walked right by me and I said “Hey, I am a really big fan, you inspired me to listen to punk music. Is there any chance I can get a picture?” He hesitated and than said “Sure man, let’s do a quick selfie”. So we did, and this was the result. He left and walked down the street. 

Well, my selfie caused other people in the restaurant to notice, and the entire restaurant went in to a frenzy. People were chasing him down the street, but he was gone. And sure enough, I was the only one to get a picture with him on a random Wednesday night in Newport Beach, California. 

Greatest day of my life. 

And incase you have been living under a rock, Green Day is coming to Washington on August  1st at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. You can get your tickets here.

And, here are some of my favorite Green Day essentials to ROCK out with to celebrate Billie Joe’s Birthday!

Green Day - "Basket Case"

Green Day - "Waiting"

Green Day - "Welcome to Paradise"

- Danny V.