Rock Blog: Introducing Dexter Holland Ph.D

The Offspring's Dexter Holland is a Doctor

May 16, 2017

You may or may not know this about me, but my favorite band of all time is The Offspring. They have been since I was around 12 years old, and I bought my first record with my own money, The Offspring's "Americana". 

I was instantly hooked. Growing up just after the new age punk reboot (circa 1994) this was really my first introduction to punk rock and pop-punk, and this album really helped craft what I would listen to and push me in the rock direction, as opposed to the pop stuff my mom would buy me. 

Of course, the music is fun, melodic, and catchy. But there was something else about the music that got me, the lead singer, Dexter Holland's voice. It was so unique and awesome, I had to listen to more. Being a music nerd, I did as much research as I could and found out about The Offspring and Dexter and realized that there was a lot more behind the band than just cool music. Dexter and Greg started the band way back in 1983 when they were just some kids wanting to play music. Something I could really relate to. I dug their style, their ability to play music and the story of how they formed. Two friends, who got turned down from Social Distortion and decided to buy swap meet instruments and learn to play them to start their own band. 

But not only that, they went on to have the number 1 indy record of all time "Smash", and sold millions of records world wide. And I found out that Dexter was an accomplished pilot, ran Nitro Records for a time, and was in school working on his PH.D before the band took off. He has always been an idol, and an inspiration to me, to remind me that no matter what, you can achieve your dreams no matter how busy you are, and have interests all over the board. 

Last Wednesday, Dexter posted the following on their Facebook page: 

That's right! Dexter finally went back and finished his Ph.D and graduated last week. All to provide more research toward HIV. All while still fronting The Offspring and keeping them relevent. Congrats Dexter!

Also, NEW OFFSPRING MUSIC is coming soon. I am so excited. 

- Danny V.