Rock Blog: Joey Jordison Never Really Quit Slipknot?

January 18, 2017

When I read this headline, I was thinking the same thing as you . . . “THEN WHY ISN’T JOEY STILL THE DRUMMER?!”


I, like most of you, love original line ups of bands instead of hybrids. Something about seeing the band in their “true, original” form just holds a kind of magic to us as listeners. And even though Slipknot had a lot of lineup changes early in their career, and Shawn Crahan is the only true founding member left, I think we can all agree that the original 9 members who released the debut album are pretty much the original line up that most people think of.


Hearing that Joey Jordison doesn’t even know why he was kicked out is just saddening. 


In a recent interview he did with AXS, the drummer revealed a little more about his exit from Slipknot:


"During the end of a Slipknot tour, I was getting really ill, and I didn't know what it was. My legs were starting to fail on me as I was playing, and it was scary, sitting up on stage with thousands and thousands of people right in front of me looking at me. And everyone thought I might be under the influence of something, and that was absolutely not the case whatsoever. And I'm sitting there and I'm trying to play my parts that come like second nature to me, that I have been doing for years and years and years with no problem. And it was freaking me out. And I was getting carried offstage, and all of a sudden I had to be carried onstage, all this stuff. My legs completely just dropped off pretty much the bottom of my body. And the scary thing was I had no clue what the condition is. The thing is, I got visited in the hospital by one member of the band when they all knew I was in there . . . and next thing you know, I got exited from the band. And I don't know why. I don't understand what the deal was. There's been a bunch of rumors and stuff like, you know, why it was, and it is absolutely untrue. I didn't quit Slipknot. I would never have quit Slipknot, ever. I just want the fans to know that. It's important for everyone to know that."


Joey was part of Slipknot for 18 years, a hell of a long time for any band. 


Corey Taylor told “Living Out Loud L.A.” the following back in 2015: “(Joey) was going one way and we were going another, and we just couldn’t go that way any more. Starting to move on without him was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done—just as hard, in a lot of ways, as trying to move on without Paul.” 


Joey’s full interview can be listened to here.


And if you are a big fan of the drummer, you can check out his new band VIMIC


And just for fun, here are a couple of my favorite Slipknot tracks: 


Wait and Bleed: 




- Danny V.