Rock Blog: Linkin Park Is Coming to Seattle

Linkin Park Tour

May 3, 2017



So, you may be sitting there thinking . . . Linkin Park? Aren't they that band that just released a song that sounds NOTHING like Linkin Park? 

And the answer simply is, yes. Yes they are. In fact, here is the song for reference. 

However, as much as their new track wasn't really what I was expecting from the very rock driven earlier albums that I knew and loved, I still got a bit excited when I saw they were coming to town. Bands shift and change in the way they sound all the time, and I give them props for actually trying something new. Even if it may not be something I am too stoked on to start with. 

I still have yet to see them live, and now that they announced their concert right here at the Key Arena, I think it may finally be time to see them! 

Announcing the #OneMoreLight North American Tour with special guest @machinegunkelly. Register for pre-sale tickets. Link in bio. @genius

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They will be hitting the Puget Sound on October 14th. And they are releasing their new album May 19th! You can get all the info and tickets and pre-sale info here.

Let me remind you, just why I have always liked Linkin Park, and will go check them out given the chance.

Oh, and incase you want to feel old, here is one of those "Teens React" videos where they listen to Linkin Park. Man we are old. 

- Danny V.