Rock Blog: Metallica IS Rock

February 14, 2017

© Anthony Behar

When I first heard that Metallica was coming to Seattle on August 9th, I promptly screamed like a little girl and did a happy dance. I know, not that “rock” of me, but seriously, this is such gigantic news in the rock world especially after listening to Hardwired… to Self Destruct in its entirety. I believe this was the shock that the rock world needed in a pop infused world of 2017. 


I am going to take this chance to tell one of my favorite stories from my childhood, that proved I was into rock long before I was even able to talk. Around the age of one-and-a-half, my mom would take many trips up to my grandparents' house, who happen to be taking care of my older cousin who is 15 years my senior. He was your classic metal head. Ripped jeans, long hair, and listened to music that my grandparents and mom didn’t understand. 


Well, one summer afternoon, Mom was having trouble putting me down for a nap. Apparently I was crying and just being a difficult one-year-old. My cousin came home, went in his room and CRANKED his stereo to his normal louder-than-sin volume. 


I bet by know, you can tell where I am going with this. Sure enough, I fell asleep the minute the music hit the door. First my mom was mad, how could be be listening to such loud music with a baby in the house? But soon after saw I was out. And guess what band soothed a crying one-year-old to sleep? Sure enough, it was Metallica’s Black Album


Still to this day, any time we play 'Enter Sandman' on KISW, it makes me smile. These guys are really what rock is about, and pulling Avenged Sevenfold in for the show? Classic. 


Seattle is going to be rocking this summer, and I personally can’t wait. 


Enjoy some of these videos while preparing to get your tickets!


Enter Sandman - 


Metallica and Jimmy Fallon: 


- Danny V.