Rock Blog: New Video for Korn's "Black is the Soul"

Korn's new video!

June 6, 2017

With Pain in the Grass literally just over 3 weeks away, I figured it's about time to release you a new Korn video! That's right, it was all up to me! 

Okay, just kidding, but it's pretty awesome that the band did just that today! Here is their new video for their song "Black is the Soul".

Jonathan Davis has hinted at this song being about diverting from the "right" path and dealing with conflciting emotions about life. Which is a pretty cool, and deep message. Being a Korn fan for a long time during my late junior high and early high school days, I can say that that is one of my favorite things about this band, hitting on hard issues, that maybe aren't that comfortable to talk about, but that we all go through and dealing with them through rocking music. 

Personally. I can't wait to see a band I have never seen before perform some amazing songs from my youth such as these:

What KORN song are you most excited for at Pain this year? Have you got your tickets yet!? Don't delay, they are going fast!

- Danny V.