The Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco, and Music Festival with The Offspring!

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January 22, 2018

I am just going to throw out a few words to you. Tacos. Craft Beer. Summer. White River Amphitheater. The Offspring. Pennywise. Against Me!, Lit, Unwritten Law. 

Are you interested yet? I mean personally, they had me at Tacos. Throw some craft beer, and possible the best concert lineup since slice bread for anyone who listens to punk, or hell even rock music? This is going to be the start of an epic summer. 

With so many concerts being announced lately, rounding out the summer, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, etc. We needed something to kick off the summer with a punch. Plus, the best part about it, SPICY TACOS! 

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Now if you don't know, Dexter Holland has his own hot sauce company called Gringo Bandito. Possibly the best hot sauce I have tried in quite some time. They have three varieties. Green, Original Red, and Super Hot. Best part? Gringo Bandito is of course sponsoring the whole show. So you get to try it and burn your mouth off while singing self esteem in the pit. 

Plus. Over 100 craft beers! I mean I can't even name 25 craft beers. I need to get out more. What a day. Time to sample tons of beer, tons of tacos. And not to mention the line up. Not only do you have The Offspring:

But then you have Pennywise, Against Me!, Unwritten Law, LIT. I mean honestly. Get on this show now! 

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10AM. Click here for all the info

So what do you think? What is your favorite concert that is coming to the PNW this summer so far? And more importantly what is your taco of choice? I will see you in the pit! 

- Danny V.