Slayer Are Teasing "End" This Fall . . . Could It Mean Something Else?

We know they are breaking up, but is there more to the story?

July 1, 2019

Iron Mike Savoia


Slayer is currently on their final farewell tour, and they hit up the PNW for last year's Pain in the Grass.

So it came as a shock this morning when the band tweeted out an ominious video, teasing an "end" coming this fall. 

For those that don't have audio, the voiceover says: “To every story, there is a tragedy. Life is a book, filled with chapters. Some tell stories of a good time. Some tell stories of the dark. To every monster, there is a hero, to every nightmare, we all wake up, to every story, there is a final chapter. Some monsters can become human. Other monsters reap for revenge. This is the end of the monsters.”

So what could it mean? It has sent the internet into a frenzy? Does this mean one final album? Another leg of their farewell tour that could bring them this way one last time? A new single? Or are they simply hanging it up as we already knew?

What do you think it could mean? 

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- Danny V.