Your Punk Rock Christmas Song Guide

Danny V. Breaks Down Some Must Have Christmas Tunes For Your Rocking Holiday

December 15, 2017

If you are anything like me, this time of year comes with some mixed emotions. I LOVE Christmas, lights, food, presents, family and friends are the best ever. However, everywhere you go, the same FIVE songs play in every store. Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas carols as much as the next person, but it gets old quick, especially because they start the day after Halloween these days. 

So what should we do? Well I bring you tidings of great joy (see what I did there?), some of your favorite bands have not only gotten in the spirit, but they have wrote some fun original holiday songs that allows you to take your current Bing Crosby CD and retire it for good. I am going to tackle some must have punk Christmas songs, but I encourage you to search for your favorite genre's Christmas specialties. From metal, to a Twisted Sister Christmas, I gurantee your ears will be satisfied after the search. So here we go, turn it up and check out these songs. 

Santa's Got a Mullet - Nerf Herder

Merry Christmas - The Ramones

The Season's Upon Us - Dropkick Murphys

Father Christmas - Bad Religion

I Won't Be Home For Christmas - Blink 182

Ex - Miss - New Found Glory

Christmas Day - MxPx

Blue Christmas - The Misfits 

Xmas Has Been X'ed - NOFX

So there you go, some fast, politically incorrect, songs to mosh too while your family drives you insane over the holidays. What non traditional Christmas songs do you think I need to check out? Comment, let me know. And more importantly, get me some egg nog, heavy on the whisky. 

Happy Holidays! 

- Danny V.