Decibel Magazine Tour - Kreator Obituary Midnight & Horrendous jack hammer Seattle!

Decibel Magazine Tour - Kreator Obituary Midnight & Horrendous jack hammer Seattle!

March 29, 2017

Decibel Magazine Tour - Kreator/Obituary/Midnight/Horrendous - Neptune Theatre 3.28.17
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This 2017 version of the Decibel Magazine Tour came to Seattle last night at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. Containing death/thrash metal legends Kreator & Obituary with up and comers these past years Midnight and Horrendous. Truly was a great all around show from start to finish. 

Openers Horrendous were Decibel Magazines #1 album of 2015 pick with their release "Anareta". So I was interested in checking these guys out as the early openers. Nothing too original, but an interesting blend of old-school Death/Thrash Metal and conviction that didn't loose my attention and live they bring it! Energetic and fans in the mosh pit approved. Check these guys out if you're into Death, Entombed or feeling like its 1992 in your ears. 
 Next band up was Midnight. Band from Cleveland, Ohio that Zero Down bassist Ronnie E. Banner and guitarist Lenny Burnett (whom were in attendance) told me I'd like and boy were they right!! A total blend of Venom meets Motorhead mixed in a blender with The Accused! They came out in their Mentors/Ghost-like black hoodies and threw an uppercut and knocked us all out! They owned that stage! Running, Jumping and show ending smashing and crowd surfing. It's funny cause on the bands Facebook page they post that if you're the first one to respond in each city that you can bring bassist Athenar a bass he can smash at the end you can get free merch or on the guest list. Well someone in Seattle delivered and he did what he said..Hulk Smash! Definitely would like to see these guys live again!
In support of their new 10th self-titled album "Obituary", they have been around since the dawn of Death Metal time. Pioneers in many ways this Florida based juggernaut just powers on. The core trio of John & Donald Tardy along with Trevor Peres have been the mainstay since the beginning with bassist Terry Butler and lead guitarist Kenny Andrews joining the band 7 and 5 years ago. I've always dug Obituary and their blend of hardcore power death metal. It's ear palatable to me compared to many in this genre. Crowd was definitely stoked and the mosh pit was insane! One of the funniest moments I've ever seen at a metal show was halfway through the set a dude walking through/by the most pit got lit up! So much so he went one way of his (wtf this is a metal show) popcorn went another like straight up! HA HA! Me & fellow concert photographers Neil Lim Sang (Lim Sang Photography) and Crissy Angel (Immortal Affliction Photography) couldn't stop laughing! Photo proof below. 
Stay up-to-date with Obituary here:
The big-guns were ready! Would you believe in my 35+ years of rock/metal concerts I've never seen Kreator!? I really don't understand how that happen but never say never cause tonight was it! German thrashers Kreator have been around since the 80s. Tonight they showed why if there was a Big 8 in thrash they'd get the 8th nod behind Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Slayer, Overkill, Testament and Exodus. Supporting their new amazing 2017 album "Gods of Violence",  It's ok Kreator took 5 years since their last release back in 2012 cause this might be one of if not their best release to date. My favorite track and video off the album is "Fallen Brother", a great tribute to some rock greats! Check it out!

The band brought a great back lighting rig and CO2 blasters to the Neptune and really delivered a great set that had the mosh pit busy (see main blog pic way above...vicious pit shot) and heads banging throughout the theatre. Kreator are nearing the 1-million likes on Facebook so go check 'em out: