Dream Theater Shock & Awe with The Astonishing

Dream Theater Concert Review

May 13, 2016

Dream Theater - Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA 5.11.16
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Back on June 8, 1993 when I first shot Dream Theater in the Paramount Theatre, there was no way then I'd ever think I'd be shooting them again 23 years later on May 11, 2016! Well it happened! Here's my Top 10 (23 year span) notables:

1) Obviously with time, (if even imaginably true) even better musicians now. Putting them in the "Not of this Galaxy" I give up playing these instruments category.
2) No more funky early 90s In Living Colour inspired Ibanez for John Petrucci . {Who could forget one of the funniest videos ever made featuring this guitar ha! VIEW HERE}

Dream Theater 1993 Seattle

3) John Petrucci has more hair now than he did back in 1993. For me the opposite! Another point to prove he's NOT from this planet ha!
Dream Theater 1993 Paramount

Dream Theater 2016 Paramount

4) Tonight it was digital photography and not the manual 35mm film camera.
5) I wasn't shooting in the usual front pit (boo), but from a football field away from soundboard.
6) There's no Mike Portnoy but Mike Mangini on drums.
7) There's no Kevin Moore but Jordan Rudess on keyboards.
8) No opening band tonight, Galactic Cowboys back in 1993.
9) No classic or previous album songs played. 12 songs back in 1993, 29 songs/5 tape tracks tonight!
10) Back then and even more evident today, Dream Theater are NOT from this Galaxy!

So this 2016 tour is a featured concert featuring their whole new album called "The Astonishing", a 2hr 10min opus featuring 34 tracks{Listen in Full here}! According to the bands album Wiki "The Astonishing is set in a dystopian United States and follows the Ravenskill Rebel Militia in their efforts to defy the Great Northern Empire of the Americas using the magical power of music. It was inspired by contemporary fantasy and science fiction franchises such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars, as well as Petrucci's observations on the ubiquity of technological automation in modern-day society. In their effort to match the album's narrative, Dream Theater wrote songs in a wide variety of styles ranging from mellow ballads to their more conventional progressive metal sound." 


So the show was Separated like the album in Act 1 and Act 2 break with the "Astonishing" track as the encore. I can't even explain how INCREDIBLE this production was with the more than a handful of LED multimedia screens and AMAZING lighting rig that all coincided with the album storyline and music. Visually and musically the best mind, ear and visual mind f**k I've had in decades! The crowd at the Paramount (well over a couple thousand) were mesmerized in near silence at the spectacle taking place with Dream Theater, but as soon as there was a noticeable break they went CRAZY! 

Dream Theater 2016

There was no doubt the crowd was there to rock out and with so many twist and turns musically with the new album when the band got to some of it's harder tracks like "Three Days" & "A New Beginning" & "Our New World".

Did I miss hearing some the older classics? Hell yeah, but this show/tour wasn't focused on that and I'm sure some fans backed out of it this time around (little over 2k filled the 3k venue) but did they miss out on this incredible production! The musicianship is so top notch its hard to imagine you could be any better of a player. Jordan Rudess (whom I get mistakenly get mixed up as at events) was the real highlight of this night with his over the top 'not human' keyboard playing featured throughout. Being the last show of the American tour hopefully if you missed it they'll be around around so you can see it. Truely amazing show! Stay up-to-date: www.facebook.com/dreamtheater & www.dreamtheater.net
Jordan Rudess Dream Theater

PS: If you wondered what out of this universe playing is watch this!!!