Ex-Misfit Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Solos On in Seattle!

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Rocks Seattle!

December 6, 2018

Doyle - El Corazon - Seattle, WA 12.5.18
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On a night where I was covering another show across town it was awesome to hear Doyle pushed back his show at bit to start at 10:30pm so I could get there in time. This " As We Die World Abomination Tour" has been a a full back and fourth U.S. tour started Oct 9th in Hartford, CT and boomerangs back to the East Coast ending on December 27th in Philadelphia, PA. 

 The Vegan Beast Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (aka Paul Calafa) is one of the hardest working rockers out there. Not only promoting his music it's all talking about his Veganism (since 2014), his Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein's Made-in-Hell Hot Sauce, his girlfriend, Alissa White-Gluz (vocalist for Arch Enemy), his workouts and his love of animals.

I call him the Gentle Giant as you'd think looking at him he'd be this jacked up big-mouth dude and he's the opposite. Very quiet, relaxed, but once he gets his war paint on and hits the stage it's all about crushing heads and blowing ears out with his band and overly scratchy guitar tones. Horror punk-rock-metal at it's dirtiest with his band with the great frontman Alex “Wolfman” Story : Vocals, Wade Murff : Drums and Brandon Strate : Bass. Tonights somewhat short 40min set included tracks like Abominator, Cemeterysexxx, We Belong Dead etc. 
 For everything Doyle (music, merch, news) visit: www.officialdoyle.com