Ghost Rock Seattle - Late Show next

October 25, 2015

Can you believe this! A week after playing at KISW and El Corazon the Swedish hard/classic rock occult band Ghost are gonna take over American TV o n the Late Show with Stephen Colbert October 30th! With their current album "Meliora" debuting in the Top 10 on Billboards 200 album charts there's no doubt this band is sweeping the world w ith its brand of unique classic/hard rock. On October 20th, Papa Emeritus and 2 of the Nameless Ghouls flew in to Seattle from Idaho (bus broke down) to do a 2 song acoustic set and then one of the Ghouls did a interview with KISW's Metal Shop [Click here to listen to 20 minute interview].

After the KISW visit the guys had time to waste cause the bus and equipment wasn't arriving till later because of the breakdown. So yes me, Papa and the Ghouls spent the afternoon walking EMP, record stores and lunch in Seattle. With the bus arriving late it was a mad dash to unload and setup the stage. An amazing job by the crew got them on stage and only 15min behind their original start time. 

The sold-out crowd at El Corazon (show should've been at Showbox or Moore Theatre) was packed tight (see show photos here) and the band pounded out an amazing set of Ghost tunes that left the crowd begging for more after the hour and a half set that included classics like "Con Clavi Con Dio", "Per Aspera ad Inferi", "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" and "If You Have Ghosts". The classics rocked, but it was the new tracks like the show opening "Spirit", the bass grooving "From The Pinnacle To The Pit", the eerie "Cirice" and especially the heavy rocker of "Mummy Dust" that got the crowd flying all over each other in excitement. Check out my video from the shows:


Have you seen (my favorite video of the year so far) Ghost's "Cirice"? A kid talent show with a spooky 70s film look in the vein of the movie Carrie.

Then there's the latest video that has that early 20s film vibe of "From the Pinnacle To The Pit". 


If you missed my popular August blog "Ghost Overwhelms Silver Platters" check it out HERE! Between the video and photo albums I had over a million interaction views/shares/comments.

Ghost are the best rock band to come around in years and from the popularity growth these past three years I expect them to be rocking bigger theaters or smaller arenas soon. The music is there, the show is entertaining and visually it's getting better and bigger with each tour. Just remember, if you have have everything! Buy the new incredible "Meliora" album HERE! Facebook: