Greta Van Fleet - The Glorious Sons & Simo Rock Out Sold-Out Tractor

Greta Van Fleet - Glorious Sons & Simo Rock Out Sold-Out Tractor

October 27, 2017

Greta Van Fleet / The Glorious Sons / Simo - Tractor Tavern - Seattle 10.24.17
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Here's one of those rare shows in todays music business where there's an actual buzz on a young up and coming band. That band is Frankenmuth, Michigan's Greta Van Fleet
What's the buzz? I'm sure if you listen to rock radio you've heard their single "Highway Tune", it was #1 on Mainstream Radio for 5 weeks has racked up over 7 million Spotify plays, over 4 million YouTube views and both U.S. Tour legs sold-out.

Then after the show here in Seattle they found out they won Best New Artist of the 2017 at the Loudwire Music Awards in Los Angeles! Why? Let's face it, what Airbourne are to AC/DC, Greata Van Fleet are to Led Zeppelin. A near carbon copy yet refreshing sound with solid musicianship from the twin Kiszka brothers Josh (vocals) & Jake (guitar) with their younger brother Sam (bass) and drummer Danny Wagner. Thanks to HERFitz PR letting me know about this show & KISW in-studio visit because it made for one heck of a great day covering the band. 
 Greta Van Fleet ended up doing a few song acoustic set that was video'd at KISW in the afternoon. Check out Taryn's blog for video here:
Was cool to meet the band, hang and get some shots while they warmed up and performed. Always awesome to see young blood with that drive and rock in roll energy like Greta Van Fleet. Now onto the show!
 Opening the show was two bands I never heard of before but became instant fans. Simo hail from Nashville, TN and are fronted by the charismatic and great guitarist JD Simo (vocals/guitarist). This trio blends the blues with psychedelic funky blends of rock and soul that crosses everything from Joe Walsh, Joe Cocker to Joe Bonamassa. Their near progressive improv of jam sessions put their live performance in the "I don't know who these guys are but they kick ass live" category! 
 Simo's new album "Rise and Shine" released last month so check it out! Here's a cool performance track video from their last album "Let Love Show The Way".
 Next up was The Glorious Sons. This 5-piece Canadian band are really good live. Memorizing and powerful, it was the lead vocals of Brett Emmons that captured my attention.
 His stage presence nearly gave me Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) goosebumps. This band is full of great memorable tunes. A Rolling Stones meets Tom Petty on a Mumford & Sons trip. Their new great album "Young Beauties and Fools" is out. Here's my favorite tune from their set. A track called "Sometimes on a Sunday" which totally reminds me of something Andrew Wood would've written. Founded by brothers Brett (vocals) and Jay (guitar) Emmons, The Glorious Sons have huge potential!       
Next up was the headliners Greta Van Fleet. Josh Kiszka is the closest Robert Planet styled vocalist I've ever heard. Add the Muddy Waters-like sludge guitaring from Jake Kiszka, bass/keyboards of Sam Kiszka and steady powerful drumming of Danny Wagner these guys are light years ahead of most their age in songwriting and stage presence. 
What I found interesting at the show was the age range of fans there to see them. You had the old Zeppelin dudes and the younger generation fans especially the girls! Their 12-song set lasted little over an hour. Blending tunes from their "Black Smoke Rising" EP and new upcoming double EP "From The Fires" out Nov 10, 2017. Greta Van Fleet are the real deal but the question will remain, can success be achieved sounding so much like the Hammer of the Gods? Your guess is good as mine in this day and age of music but if I was a betting man, I think Greta Van Fleet will do just fine.