Guitar Great John 5 Opens Solo Tour at Louie G's

Guitar Great John 5 Opens Solo Tour at Louie G's

March 4, 2017

John 5 and the Creatures - Louie G's - Fife, WA 3.3.17
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Well known as the rock arena guitar god for Rob Zombie, John 5 and the Creatures release their latest album "Season of the Witch" {Buy} and started this small club tour at Louie G's in Fife, WA. Not often can you get this close to see John 5 play especially in an all-ages venue and if you were one of the unlucky ones to miss out on this sold-out show, no worries I was there and up front to cover it for ya as usual ;)
With this being his CD release show for "Season of the Witch" and tour opener, we were all stoked for the show cause we know for this small club tour Louie G's was gonna probably the best stage and lights he'd see and boy we were right! John 5 brought his patented Rob Zombie face paint, costumes, wardrobe and of course his crazy guitars. The lava lamp-like guitar is always my favorite.
Blasting through a 15 song set covering much of his solo catalog including a guitar solo, John 5 and the Creatures (Ian Ross on Bass, Logan Nix on Drums) were on fire the whole night jamming incredible complicated yet tasty ear sounds that kept you interested and not bored to a bunch of guys instrument wanking. These were instrumental rock greats.
Flight of the Vulcan Kelly
Six Hundred And Sixty Six Pickers In Hell
Here's to the Crazy Ones
Jiffy Jam
Hell Haw
Season of the Witch
Portrait of Sydney Sloan
First Victim
Guitar Solo
Black Grass Plague
Behind the Nut Love
Making Monsters
Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
Guitars, Tits & Monsters

What's super cool about John 5 and the Creatures is their tongue and cheek approach to everything they love. Their latest music videos prove that with Planet of the Apes and Hee Haw references. 

With this being the first show of the tour all of America still have a chance to check out this great tour from one of rocks greatest entertaining and skillful guitarists. Check out all of John 5's tour dates HERE. Louie G's venue will never be the same, it was that packed and awesome and I think John 5 was pleasantly surprise at the response and of this awesome local music/pizza venue.