Iced Earth Crush Seattle as Sanctuary say goodbye.

Iced Earth, Sanctuary and Kill Ritual Seattle

March 7, 2018

Iced Earth/Sanctuary/Kill Ritual - El Corazon - Seattle 3.5.18
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Was super stoked for this show and all three bands playing. Been really digging their 12th studio album “Incorruptible” by tour headliners Iced Earth. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Iced Earth are celebrating their (yes this is not a typo) 30th year of power/thrash metal music. 

The new album is some of their best diverse material in their history and of all the different vibes of the album of course mine is the faster brutal track "Seven Headed Whore". Remember hearing it on radio for the first time and freaked out how awesome that Jon Schaffer chunk riff and Stu Block's vocals were. This is old-school power metal at it's best! I didn't think Stu could pull it off live, but my video is proof how incredible this singer is. Were talking Rob Halford "Painkiller" era category. 
"Travel in Stygian" & "Stormrider" off the 1991 "Night of the Stormrider" album and even "Last December" off the 1995 "Burnt Offerings" album. 
 Gotta love bands that don't forget their past in the live setting and actually after decades together still putting out incredible quality music. Iced Earth latest music video for "Black Flag" off their latest album "Incorruptible" {Buy} rocks! 
Openers Kill Ritual released their new album "All Men Shall Fall" last month and just off the Raven European tour last year they scored a slot on this Iced Earth and Sanctuary tour. More of a melodic metal feel compared to the other bands on this bill but they did a great job opening. 
 Now onto the story us Seattlites mourn during this show. With the sudden passing of Sanctuary vocalist Warrel Dane in Brazil back in December, the band decided to say farewell in memory of Warrel and still do this Iced Earth tour. Warrel Dane is world renowned in the metal community for his voice and delivery. To have someone else sing his songs was just plain weird to hear and see after decades, but the guest vocals performed by Joseph Michael of Witherfall were mindblowing!!! Hat's off to Joseph for filling these HUGE shoes behind the mic. Sanctuary pulled out the stops on this likely last hometown show ever. Original bassist Jim Sheppard came out for "Future Tense" and former guitarist Jeff Loomis on "Taste Revenge". 
 Both events and more can be seen on my video posted here: 
 Not seeing Warrel onstage singing with guitarist Lenny Rutledge was a bit chilling as an old fan seeing Sanctuary back in the 80s. RIP Warrel ( and ultimately Sanctuary. The tour goes through March 23rd in the U.S. make sure to catch it: