Iron Maiden Delivers The Book of Souls Tour at Tacoma Dome

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April 13, 2016

When was the last time I saw Iron Maiden in the Tacoma Dome? That's right 29 years ago 2/10/87 when ex-Kiss guitarist band Vinnie Vincent Invasion opened! 

This time around was a band called The Raven Age opened. Led by Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris son George Harris on guitar, The Raven Age combine today's heavier rock/metal music elements with melodic vocals. Nothing any different than what ya regularly hear on SiriusXM Octane. Crowd was receptive even though 95% of them had no clue about this London-based band. Check out their new video "Angel in Disgrace" VIEW HERE.

The Raven Age

Before Iron Maiden even played this show they were causing news with their Boeing made 747 touring plane that singer Bruce Dickinson flies from show to show.
Thanks to my aviation photographer specialist Jeff Cook (https://www.facebook.com/LiveNLoud-Photography-116393811777297) for catching a shot of Ed Force One landing at Sea-Tac Airport hours before the show.
Ed Force One

Iron Maiden supporting their latest album "The Book of Souls" on this tour entertained the Tacoma Dome crowd of 16k with a set that ranged nearly all their albums. Bruce Dickinson after battling throat cancer last year was more active and running around the huge Mayan temple themed stage more than I've ever seen him before. 

He even joked around about being 57 years old and being able to bend over and tie (which he had to do) his own shoes. I thought it was funny each time he would say "Scream for me Seattle" when we were actually in Tacoma, WA. Hence Tacoma Dome ha! Besides the joking around there were some serious moments too with “Tears of a Clown” in which he dedicated to the late great comedian Robin Williams and "The Book of Souls" in which Bruce talked about how all Civilizations (including ours) will eventually come to an end. During that song their band mascot "Eddie" made his onstage debut appearance in a raging axe-slinging fit in which he battled the band and Bruce Dickinson finally defeats Eddie by (in very Iron Maiden fashion) pulling out his glowing heart.
The band consisted of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith & Janick Gers on guitars, Steve Harris on bass & Nicko McBrain on drums and they ruled the night with their amazing musicianship and theatrics. How does Janick do all those guitar flinging moves without clunking himself in the head? Even though Steve Harris blows you away with his constant awesome bass lines ("The Trooper", "Children of the Damned", "Wasted Years") it was guitarist Dave Murray that took the show for me with his incredible soloing that is the heart and soul of the Iron Maiden sound. So effortless but complicated, melodic and precise in his delivery. One of the great unsung guitar heroes!

Favorite part of the show was the ending blow-up head of Eddie during "Iron Maiden". Going to an Iron Maiden show is like watching a theater musical with so many twist and turns from song to song. Check our fan footage from fans on YouTube HERE. 33 years I've been seeing this band live and they never disappoint and believe me you get your monies worth seeing a Maiden show. Check out world tour dates HERE. I think I could've drawn up a better setlist, but I understand they have decades of material and fans to cover in one show. Would've loved to seen "2 Minutes To Midnight", "Killers" and "Where Eagles Dare" in the set. For fans who collect Maiden stuff remember this Saturday April 16th is Record Store Day which sees the ‘Empire Of The Clouds’ release as a limited edition 12” picture disc single. Only 5500 of these will exist!

Tacoma Dome Setlist: If Eternity Should Fail - Speed of Light - Children of the Damned - Tears of a Clown - The Red and the Black - The Trooper - Powerslave - Death or Glory - The Book of Souls - Hallowed Be Thy Name - Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden - Encore: The Number of the Beast - Blood Brothers - Wasted Years

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Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia - www.Facebok.com/SavoiaPhotographyLive