Blog: King Diamond Brings Seattle the Masquerade of Madness

King Diamond Brings Seattle the Masquerade of Madness

November 26, 2019

King Diamond - Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA 11.25.19
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King Diamond - Paramount Theatre Seattle 11.25.19
Wow! Last night I was thinking how crazy it is that I've been following King Diamond from his early 80s Mercyful Fate days right though his solo years and it's now 2019! Saw King Diamond live the first time at the Moore Theatre 8.3.86. Can ya guess who opened the show? Some little up and comer band called Megadeth!! Looking back at my film prints those are classics! Mercyful Fate broke up before they ever came to Seattle as King launched his solo career with the stamped in metal history time with "Fatal Portrait", "Abigail" and "Them". Theatrical story-line horrors that live on even in todays King Diamond shows. 
 Mercyful Fate did regroup for some time in the 90s and they finally came to Seattle from Denmark on the "From The Shadows Tour" for the first time 10.3.93. Rad I recently found some slide film from that show in the Moore Theatre I shot! 
MercyFul Fate King Diamond Seattle 10.3.88
Super cool King Diamond could fill the Paramount Theatre this time around with his elaborate "Institution" setting. 
 The setlist was pretty good this time around but bummed not one Mercyful Fate classic thrown in the set. The Candle / Behind These Walls / Funeral / Arrival / A Mansion in Darkness / Let It Be Done / Voodoo / Halloween / Masquerade of Madness / Out From the Asylum / Welcome Home / The Invisible Guests / Sleepless Nights / The Lake / Encore: Burn / Black Horsemen. I know Mercyful Fate is getting back together in 2020 so hopefully that's a sign they'll tour America. Sad to hear original Mercyful Fate bassist Timi Hansen passed away Nov. 4th from his long battle with cancer. Filling his shoes for the tour will be Armored Saint's bassist Joey Vera. The last song of tonight's set "Black Horseman" was dedicated to Timi from King. 
 His long time band (18 years) featuring Andy LaRocque - Guitar, Mike Wead - Guitar, Pontus Egberg - Bass and Matt Thompson - Drums are so damn good and add the great backing vocals of Liva Zita-Bendix and character acting of the lovely Jodi "Grandma" Cachia, King Diamond has one (no pun intended) hell of a live presentation! King Diamond's voice is still UNREAL and to think he can still sing that crazy reaching falsetto at 63 years old is unimaginable when ya think of so many other aging rock stars struggling at it at half the power and style King delivers! Earlier this year King released a new DVD/Blu-ray, Songs For The Dead Live, via Metal Blade Records. You can preview "Songs For The Dead Live" audio and a video for "Sleepless Nights (Live at The Fillmore)" at: 
 For those West Coast cities still left on the tour (Vancouver/San Francisco/Los Angeles/San Diego/Anaheim/Phoenix and Mexico City) get out and see this tour. Great music and visual presentation! For everything King Diamond visit: for Mercyful Fate:

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Check out the audio for King Diamond's new single "Masquerade of Madness":