Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk Hints at Possible Reunion

May 3, 2018

Eric Thayer, Getty Images

Rage Against the Machine’s drummer Brad Wilk just revealed that he’d be open to a possible reunion. In fact, it sounds like all four of the band mates are open to the possibility.

Wilk shared the comments in a recent interview with Let There Be Talk

The drummer noted that it was just a matter of getting everyone onto the same page at this point. He did, however, admit that he’s not even sure if it could ever happen. At least all four band mates are on good terms, and it sounds like they even hang out sometimes, according to the interview.

The band originally split back in 2000. They came back together for reunion shows between 2007 and 2011, but haven't done anything since then. 

When asked why the group had come together since 2011, Wilk remarked that it’s “always something” keeping them from a possible reunion.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed!