Joey Deez Blog "King of the Jungle"

April 27, 2017



Animals are awesome; there’s no denying that. Whether in the wild or as a pet, they always seem to catch our eye. But sometimes we forget that these animals also have a wild side. Well I know one person who surely learned this lesson first hand as he met a lion up close and personal. Haven’t seen the video? Check it out below:




Haha! That was pretty great. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t react the same way but if a lion suddenly snapped at me, I’d freak out as well. That thing looked hungry and I have a feeling I’d be pretty tasty so that window would have been rolled up real quick. This got me thinking though, if I could have any one animal as a pet, what would it be?


There are so many great options to choose from. Maybe you would choose a tiger, like the movie Aladdin. Rajah was a pretty bad ass cat or maybe Abu? The cunning monkey who would help you steal apples and stick with you through anything. If you’ve have a lot of crackers, Iago would make a great comedian to have around, although a parrot that could only speak as Gilbert Godfrey might piss you off after a while. For me, it would definitely have to be cheetah. Incredibly fast, deadly, and eye popping. Plus if you ever needed someone to go on a muanchie run, they can double as a delivery car. No one messes with the cheetah.


If you could have any one animal companion, what would it be and why? ​