“Hurricane Harvey”

Joey Deez Blog

August 30, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday Rock-A-Holics! I hope your week has been going well as we venture through another hump day. Today’s blog is going to be dedicated to helping the people struggling from the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Most of us are so busy that we often forget how big our country is and how natural disasters can affect anyone at any time. That’s why when they do it’s up to us, the people, to help as much as we can. Whether it be donating, working, or spreading awareness, everyone can pitch in and help out the good people who are suffering from Hurricane Harvey. That’s why when I saw this video that Kevin Hart made to help everyone I had to post it!


Check out Kevin Hart’s reaction video to this disaster:


Kevin Hart is freaking awesome. What a great way to help raise money for the people who need it most right now in Texas. From what I’ve read, a bunch of celebrities and athletes have responded to this challenge and showed their support by donating to different relief funds for Hurricane Harvey. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the before and after pictures of Hurricane Harvey I suggest you take a second to see how crazy they are. It really puts life in perspective and shows the power of Mother Nature. If you feel inspired to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief funds, all you have to do is check out www.kisw.com or here for more info.


 Rock on!