“New Phones”

Joey Deez Blog

September 13, 2017


Wake up Rock-A-Holics its Wednesday! That’s right, we’ve made it to another hump day and you may be working extra hard if you saw Apples big news yesterday. The rumors surrounding the new Iphone have been put to rest as Apple announced the IPhone 8 and IPhone X. If you missed the big reveal take a quick look at what’s changing with this


Check out the new IPhone X below:


I can’t believe that the IPhone X is using facial recognition to open their phones; I feel like we just got touch pad. And the home button is completely gone? Technology sure is advancing quickly. The huge screen is definitely a plus and the new glass casing allows you to charge your phone with almost no hassle so some things are changing but beyond that there’s not a whole lot that is different. And that’s not a bad thing. I own an IPhone 7 and honestly, I have no complaints. I think my favorite thing about it is endless amount of apps you can choose from.


Uncle Chris recently got me addicted to Word Bubbles and my work productivity has never been better! I’m only on level 272 but Chris is on some insane level over 1,000. I guess that big vocabulary of his is good for something. I don’t think I will be shelling out $700 for the newest version of the IPhone anytime soon but if you’ve been looking for a new phone I’d definitely recommend looking into these. Usually your provider will have some sweet deals that help get you some money back if you’re buying a new phone, or switching networks.


Are you excited for the new IPhone? What phone do you think is the best? ​