“Throwback Thursdays”​

Joey Deez Blog

October 5, 2017


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to Thursday! Normally I be getting pumped up to throw down on the 4th day of the week but today I thought we would go a bit more traditional and throw it back instead. We all have the one thing we wish we could bring back but I don’t think Danny V truly understands the struggle of having one of your favorite things fade into memory. He’d probably deny this fact, which is why I’ve got video evidence to prove my point. Check out Danny’s “Throwback” item of the week below:




And you thought I was kidding. Go figure Danny thinks the “fidget spinner” needs to be brought back despite never really leaving us. I love getting distracted by random things as much as the next person but I’ve never understood the point of the fidget spinner. It reminds me of a Yo-Yo but with less effort. You know what; lets’ bring back the YO-YO! I remember owning a Yo-Yo when I was a kid, doing crazy tricks, bringing it everywhere I went. I remember the countless times having to unwind the string to get the perfect throw. Who didn’t have an awesome time trying to do crazy tricks to impress friends and family. I will say my Yo-Yo days didn’t last long due to a lack of control that may or may not have ended up in a broken window. As it turns out, it all fun in games until a $5 purchase turns into hundreds of dollars in damage…...But I’m sure most people are more coordinated than I am.


What’s that one thing you wish you could bring back?