The After Show

Joey Deez Blog

March 8, 2018



Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the Thursday; also known as Friday Jr. We’re one step away from the weekend and I’ve got something to help jump start you’re party attitude! Yesterday we launched a new segment on our social media pages called “The After Show”! Featuring members of the BJ and Migs crew, this 15 minute broadcast will go over topics that are still on our mind from the past week such as; what’s the coolest concert you’ve ever seen? What food could you eat for the rest of your life? Why is BJ so grumpy?; the possibilities are endless. But the coolest part is you can interact live with us via social media! Chime in with your opinion or topic and we will answer them live! Don’t just take my word for it though, check out our first trial run of the After Show below!



Be sure to check out social media pages Wednesday at 10:15am to be part of The After Show and if you have any topics you want to hear us discuss, feel free to post them below in the comments section.


Rock On People! ​