America’s Got Talent: Shin Lim

September 21, 2018



Welcome Rock-A-Holics to another fantastic Friday! The end of the work week is almost here and with it marks the end of summer which means this Saturday with indeed be….the first day of Fall. It’s crazy to think that October is less than two weeks away. I feel like we got robbed of our long summer this year because of all that ridiculous smoke that clouded some of our sunniest days. But why cry over spilled milk when we can instead look forward to an awesome weekend full of great events! Football, Soccer and even some wrestling, there’s a bunch of great things to entertain you as we kick off Fall!


That’s why today I’ve got a video for you that blew my mind! I’m a huge fan of shows that showcase talent from all over the country which is why “America’s Got Talent” always grabs my attention when I’m scrolling through Youtube. This season there has been a contestant that somehow never ceases to surprise me. His name is Shin Lim and he does magic. But that’s the simplest and most incomplete way to describe his performances. They are MINDBLOWING. Don’t take my word for it; check out his final performance on AGT below:


Incredible; I have no idea how he did any part of that trick. It’s not surprising that he made it to the finals. I won’t spoil who ended up winning this seasons AGT, but if you’re impressed with what Shin can do, I recommend checking out his performances on Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us”. You will not be disappointed. My dad used to do a bit of magic when I was younger. I even got to be his assistant once! Although he was never at Shins level he did manage to fool a bunch of kids, even myself. I guess you could say he started my love for magic early in life, before I even knew the value of the pennies I was making disappear. 


If you have any awesome videos that blew your mind, be sure to post them in the comments below. I’m always looking for more great videos!