Annoying Coworkers

Joey Deez Blog

September 11, 2017

Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first to welcome you back from the weekend. For all of you who may be a bit hungover because of all the greatness that was Red Festival thanks for coming out and enjoying an awesome event. Nothing beats a weekend of outdoor drinking! I know my feet have been dragging a bit today and I think my coworkers have caught on. BJ’s got the eyes of an eagle and never fails to troll us when we are struggling after a long weekend. That’s why today we decided to get revenge on BJ and troll him while he attempted to get some much needed work done.


Find out what BJ hates about his coworkers the most:



I’d like to think that we are the best part of BJ’s day, even if we don’t always help his productivity. You’ll be glad to hear that we’ve decided to give up on our dream of starting a dance crew, the talent just wasn’t there. Instead, we will spend our spare time trolling BJ. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

What do your co-workers do that annoys you the most? ​