Bad Directions

January 30, 2018


It’s time to get turned up for tacos Rock-A-Holics! Or maybe your more of a burrito person but either way grab an extra scoop of salsa and chow down on some great food today; I know I’m ready for Tamales myself! But while you’re waiting for your awesome food to cook, why not have yourself a good laugh by watching a funny video of a wizard sending some poor innocent souls off on an adventure.


Find out what happens when you take directions from a wizard below:


College Humor never stops making me laugh. I’ve played a bunch of video games so I can definitely relate to getting bad directions from a character in a game. Just take a game like Sea of Thieves for example, where you play a pirate trying to solve riddles to find buried treasure on an island. Imagine getting this clue….“The treasure is buried 6 paces southwest from Big Rock”…..What! All the rocks are big! And now I’m lost. I think I’ll stick to stealing treasure from other pirates; let them solve these riddles.


I went on a bit of an adventure myself over the weekend when my GPS decided to send me all over the place on my way to Whistler. And of course, this happened as I was trying to cross the border. I must have taken a wrong turn because the look on the boarder agent’s face when I rolled up to his station was priceless. He asked me if I followed the 2 step process when it comes to using google maps; Step 1: Read the Directions; Step 2 - Use Common Sense. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my friends laugh so hard. I was more than a little embarrassed. Luckily we were able to find our way past the border without any more trouble but I don’t think my friends are ever going to let me live this down.


Have you ever gotten lost on a trip?