Becoming Pikachu

March 1, 2019


By now it’s fairly obvious that I’m a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. Whether it be Deadpool, his rivalry with Hugh Jackman, or his amazing jokes about that one great movie he once made (you know, the green one); everything this guy does is hilarious. That’s why I knew before I even saw this special spot for Detective Pikachu, it was going to be worth a share. Check out how “dedicated” Ryan is to his upcoming role as Pikachu below!



Hahaha I love it! For those of you who don’t know, the woman in the video is Ryan’s wife Blake Lively and she definitely had the best line “he didn’t even change his voice”. I don’t know much about the Detective Pikachu universe, other than it’s a game, but if Ryan is going to voice a sarcastically funny fuzzy animal trying to solve mysteries, I’m in. Did I mention there will be a bunch of Pokémon? Shout out to 90’s kids like myself who group up on this stuff; I’m still trying to catch them all. I hope we get a reaction video from Ryans kids after seeing Pikachu on screen sounding just like their dad; that’s got to be trippy. Personally, I hoping to see my favorite Pokémon Snorlax show up at some point doing his thing….AKA sleeping….which is what I’ll be doing while I wait for this movie to hit theaters in May. So close…yet so far away!


Are you excited to see Detective Pikachu? ​