BJ & Migs Happy Hour Drawing Challenge

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May 15, 2020
Joey Zoom


I have exciting news everyone!!!!


The entire BJ and MIGS crew is going to be competing in challenge to help make your weekend something truly special. But not just any competition, a DRAWING COMPETITION!!!


If you remember a couple of weeks ago, the crew decided to see who could draw the best giraffe after BJ shared a story about being a mediocre artist. Well as it turns out, he wasn’t the only one of the show who lacks an artistic eye.


If you missed these amazing drawings, check them out below:



What the heck was I drawing? My Giraffe looks like it gave up half its neck for steroids. As you can see, our show is flush with artistic talent.



Throughout the week we brainstormed ideas of creative things we could draw; things like bananas, spaceships, and other “uniquely” shaped objects. But ultimately decided that it should be up to you, the Rock-A-Holics, to choose what you want to see us draw.


We gave you four options to choose from; a self-portrait, The Space Needle, Danny Devito, or a sushi roll.


All great options, but it the end, only one could reign supreme.


Shall we find out what the BJ and MIGS crew will be drawing?








Danny Devito!


How the heck do you draw Danny Devito?!?! This is going to be…. difficult. I’m sure the alcohol won’t help either. But that’s good news for you Rock-A-Holics because these pictures are going to be HILARIOUS.


The only question remaining is; Who will draw the best Danny Devito?!?!


Be sure to leave a comment on who you think will draw the best, and the funniest, picture of Danny Devito! And don’t forget to tune in on Saturday at 4pm to watch all the hilarity ensue.


Let the games begin! ​


- Joey Deez