Bowling Night

March 22, 2019



Happy Friday everyone! March Madness has descended upon us and I’m ready for a weekend full of great basketball games! Zion Williamson and the Blue Devils look unstoppable this year but diehard fans know anything can happen during the NCAA tourney. Big shout out to the Washington Huskies; they have a tough matchup against Utah that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. But before the dunks get thrown down today, why not air-lift your weekend to the skies with another great video from the wickedly twisted minds of Cyanide & Happiness. This week, we have a “nice” short skit about your typical outing to the blowing alley.


Grab a quick laugh below:


Personally I’ve never bowled with my face but if I got a strike every time I did, I would definitely consider it. I feel like there’s always that one guy at the bowling alley who has to show off; and if I’m being honest, I’ve been that guy. I love putting a ton of spin on my shot and I would always try to show off how much I could make the bowling ball move. Problem was, I had terrible accuracy, so the ball would start off on one side, and end up in the gutter on the other haha.  Young Joe learned quickly he was not very smooth.


Enjoy the weekend Rock-A-Holics!