The BroadCast

Joey Deez Blog

October 30, 2017


Wake up and smell the coffee Rock-A-Holics, it’s Monday! Hopefully you had a great weekend; I’m sure many of you are still pumped after that insane Seahawks win yesterday. That’s why to keep the energy level high today I’ve got something special for you. For those of you who don’t know, a few lovely ladies here at KISW do a special podcast called “The Broadcast” and for the first time ever they let a couple of male voices guest on one of their episodes. Who you might ask? None other than Danny V and myself! What are we talking about on this podcast? Great question! Check out the video below for a little teaser.



Check out the full episode of The Broadcast below:



I hope you enjoy a crazy episode about the dos and don’ts of a relationship, I know we did. Feel free to leave a comment giving us your opinion on these questions. Many of them don’t have easy or clear answers and I hope to hear what you, the Rock-A-Holics think! ​