Busted Brackets

Joey Deez Blog

March 21, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first to welcome you to Wednesday! It may be the middle of the week but we’re only one day away from the first set of Sweet 16 games. There have been many incredible upsets this year including a 16 seed beating a 1 seed and many people are feeling the burn as their brackets become covered in red and all admit I’m not different. Half my bracket is completely gone and if it weren’t for Kansas, I’d be completely screwed (Save me Kansas!). But with all great bracket busters come great excuses and I’ve got an awesome video from the guys at Dude Perfect that accurately some’s up all my friends this year watching the NCAA tourney. Check it out below!



I swear my bracket would have been fine if I had just picked….Yea this video nailed it. I’m jealous I don’t have a set-up as sweet as that guy in the beginning though. You can never have too many screens…or nachos! I only have one friend who isn’t completely disappointed in his bracket this year and that’s because he’s a die-hard Kentucky fan but I have a feeling he may be a bit sad come Friday. Despite the busted brackets though I’m still excited for this round of 16; the games should be thrillers and if we’re lucky, we will get to see some more buzzer beaters. Now if you’ll excuse me everyone, I have some more excuses to make on why my brackets are busted…..Rock On!


Are your brackets busted? Do you have friends who make excuses like the ones in the video?  ​